Social Finance

Social Finance offers market-based alternatives to funding important social causes where investors seek both a social return as well as a financial return on their investment. Social finance in Canada is emerging with new tools ranging from micro and community loan funds to community bonds and social impact bonds, from investment cooperatives to social impact investment funds.

It is often said, the problem with social finance is not with the availability of capital but the availability of investment opportunities.

Terrapin Social Finance exists to address this problem.

We believe private capital can and should be mobilized to tackle social issues like poverty, or employment while generating a financial return.

In Social Finance (aka Impact Investing):
  • Investors seek investments that will deliver a financial return and a defined societal impact.
  • Investees (for-profit or non-profit enterprises) focus on creating both financial and social value.
  • Both are equally committed to measuring social and economic outcomes.


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