Evaluation and research

We co-develop evaluation plans that are utilization focused, with careful consideration for every step of the process from beginning to end — always mindful of cost, disruption and value to your organization.

Program evaluation
  • Evaluation strategy, tools & training
  • Third-party evaluation
  • Survey design
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Utilization-focused & developmental evaluation
Projects we’ve worked on:
FoodFit, Community Food Centres Canada, Toronto, Canada, ongoing since 2014

FoodFit is a 12-week program for people living on low incomes who experience barriers around healthy eating and physical activity but who are motivated to make lasting changes to their health. Since 2014, FoodFit has been delivered by 25 partner organizations across Canada. 

Terrapin developed a participant-focused evaluation strategy and tools that align with the reporting requirements of the funder while delivering the right information to support ongoing program improvements. Every year Terrapin analyzes data from hundreds of participants and delivers training to FoodFit facilitators to maintain effective evaluation of this leading national program.

Social Finance Impact Evaluation, Indian Business Corporation, Calgary, Canada, ongoing since 2015

Since 1987, Indian Business Corporation has loaned over $100 Million in small business loans to Indigenous entrepreneurs many of whom would otherwise not qualify for a loan from a mainstream bank or credit union.

In 2014 and 2018, Terrapin was hired to design and deliver an evaluation of the social and economic impact arising from this remarkable form of social finance. Terrapin, with IBC, developed and delivered a telephone survey, conducted in-person interviews with a selection of clients, and wrote the copy for two reports on social and economic outcomes for IBC’s business. In 2019, Terrapin and IBC reviewed historical and current loan management data through a gendered lens, conducted focus groups across the three treaty areas of Alberta, and interviewed successful Indigenous business women for IBC’s latest report. 

Volunteer Cooperation Project, Veterinarians Without Borders Canada, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Laos, Vietnam, 2015 – 2017

The volunteer cooperation project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, required external evaluators to conduct a baseline study of veterinary public health and animal health projects delivered through partner organizations in six different countries. Terrapin travelled to participating countries and worked with academic organizations, local non-profits and community members to co-develop custom evaluation frameworks to meet the impact measurement needs of each partner, VWB Canada, and the funder. Terrapin, with the assistance of in-country project advisors, worked to develop new partnerships for VWB in Ghana and Tanzania.

Social research
  • Qualitative & mixed methods research
  • Environmental scan & situation analysis 
  • Asset mapping
Projects we’ve worked on:
Social Determinants of Health Research Paper, Public Health Agency of Canada , Ottawa, Canada, 2017 – 2018

In 2017/18, Terrapin received funding and support from the Public Health Agency of Canada to research the connections between Social Finance and the Social Determinants of Health. Terrapin and researcher Enric Ruiz-Gelices (Barcelona, Spain) conducted an international literature review and performed key informant interviews with thought leaders in the fields of public health, social economics, social finance, and impact measurement. Terrapin published “Action on Social Determinants of Health Through Social Finance – An Evidence Review” in June 2018. 

Issues Digest, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Toronto, Canada, 2018 – 2022

Terrapin is collaborating with Good Roots Consulting on a five-year evaluation project for the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The core of the project involves designing and delivering an evaluation strategy for 10 partner organizations across Canada which offer training programs helping women transition from precarious to stable employment.

As an ancillary service, Terrapin has contributed to an annual Issues Digest focused on topics designed to support the partner organizations with business case development, program development, communications and fundraising. The Digest involves reviewing and condensing key journal articles on topics such as: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Decent Work, Opportunities and Barriers for Women in Canada’s Technology Sector. 

Bond Holder Satisfaction Survey & Review of Community Bonds in Canada, 10 Carden Shared Space, Guelph, Canada, 2018/19

10 Carden Shared Space (10C) is a community co-work space in Guelph Canada. After a successful Community Bond Campaign, 10C retained Terrapin and Good Roots Consulting to conduct a customer satisfaction survey of their bond holders. The survey involved a questionnaire and series of individual interviews. The findings of the report prompted 10C to ask broader questions regarding the market potential for Community Bonds in Canada. This resulted in a comparative review of Community Bonds issued by Canadian non-profits. The findings of the review are contained in the 2018 publication: The Bond and Beyond – An Environmental Scan of Community Bonds Across Canada.