Alberta’s Indian Business Corporation — a social finance game changer

Indian Business Corporation maintains its commitment to impact reporting with the release of its second Social & Economic Outcomes Report

Rob Rollingson draws a simple yet powerful line between health and finance, “…without fair access to the financial system in today’s world you can’t be completely healthy. You need money to be healthy. It’s really all about income and income distribution. That’s why we’re focused on financing First Nation small businesses. With money you can eat better, dress better, feel better. Poverty is a lack of money. For us, access to capital is key to helping people move out of poverty. Without access to capital you will stay in the same spot you’re in. If you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle – you’re going to stay in that lifestyle…without access to capital.”

Rollingson is the General Manager of Calgary-based Indian Business Corporation, an Aboriginal Finance Institution with a 30 year history of making loans to the people that mainstream banking forgot. And, they are successful in getting their loans repaid 95 times out of 100. “Our losses reflect the cost of the social change we’re making”, says Rollingson. In 2018 IBC crossed the $100 Million dollar milestone in total loans made over the company’s history. Click on the photo of Lou Ann Solway, she’s a rancher from Siksika Nation in Treaty Seven Territory, to read IBC’s 2018 report on the social and economic impact of it’s lending program.