Canadians don’t know about social determinants of health

No surprise —  the biggest factors shaping health are not medical or lifestyle  but rather the living conditions you experience — things like access to good food, safe housing, education, etc.

Big surprise — the influence of living conditions on your health (called the social determinants of health) is mostly unfamiliar to Canadians — even after decades of research and hundreds of studies in Canada and elsewhere.

Get the Canadian Facts

Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts by Juha Mikkonen and Dennis Raphael considers 14 social determinants of health including:The publication outlines why these factors are important; how Canada is doing in addressing them; and what can be done to improve their quality. The purpose of the document is to provide promote greater awareness of the social determinants of health and the development and implementation of public policies that improve their quality.

In 2018 Terrapin will work with colleagues at the Public Health Agency of Canada to establish an evidence base that links social finance to the social determinants of health resulting in a published report. It’s a small but important step that we hope will provide comparable basis on which to evaluate social outcomes arising from social finance activities.

Happy 2018

Terrapin has had a fantastic year working and travelling and learning from colleagues from North Kildonan to Nyrie Town. Thanks to all our colleagues and friends who make our work so gratifying. s & t